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Abhishes Shukla

Test Automation Engineer, an avid reader of Wuxia, Otaku (Anime) — leisurely exploring and experiencing the ever-changing landscape of technology.


Queue data structure
Queue is an abstract data structure that follows a particular order in which operations are performed on it. The method in which those operations are done is called as First-In-First-Out (or Last-In-Last-Out).

Heap Sort

Heap sort is based exclusively upon a binary heap data structure, where we find the largest element and sort it to the end of an unsorted collection. We use the properties of a complete binary tree to sort our collection efficiently.

Quick Sort

Quick sort uses the divide-and-conquer approach based on the idea of choosing a pivot element from the array and partitioning the array around it where the Left side of pivot contains elements that are smaller than the pivot and Right side contains elements greater than the pivot.