Deploy Angular app using Vercel

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This is a part four of “How to deploy Angular app” Series.

  1. Hosting an Angular app using Github Pages
  2. Deploy Angular app using AWS S3
  3. Automate Angular app deployments using Github Actions
  4. Deploy an Angular app using Vercel (πŸ‘ˆ we are here)

In this blog, We are going to use Vercel. It is a cloud platform for static sites and Serverless Functions. It enables you to host Jamstack website instantly with almost no configuration.

Another reason to use Vercel is its amazing Git integration with source control tools like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket.



1. I am assuming that you already have an angular app at this point and it’s maintained in a Github repository.

2. Now let’s start by creating Vercel account here. I have created it using Github account. first option πŸ‘‡

Sign up for Vercel

3. Once you have created an account, you will see dashboard like this,

Vercel Dashboard

4. Click on Import Project. This will give you two options like below πŸ‘‡. Let us select Import Git Repository option for our example since we already have our application hosted on Github.

Import Project options in Vercel

5. Now you have to provide URL of Git Repository and hit continue.

Providing Git Repository URL

6. Now we are already on the final page. Here you can configure build command, output directory and other stuff which might be helpful for your build process. Here we will override the build and output settings and click on deploy.

Configure Build Process

7. Now you will start seeing this additional window. for all the build logs so that you can understand what is going on.

Build logs

8. Build process in my case took only couple of seconds. You will soon be presented with this page. I will also show preview of your site in left side. How cool is that 😍

Deployment Successful

9. Let’s now open our deployed app. And……Yes, we have done it πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Deployed app

Wait… there is more 😊

10. That’s not all, now go checkout Vercel dashboard here. We can see our project with recent activities.

Updated dashboard

11. You can also add awesome Integrations like Slack, lighthouse etc in no time on Integrations page. In my example, I have also configured Lighthouse to measure performance.

Lighthouse Integration

12. You can add your custom domain on Domains page.

13. Last but not least, You can also how much bandwidth you have utilized so far. Isn’t that great 😊? Also as you can see, Personal accounts are always free of charge.

Account Usage

So…. this is how you deploy your Angular application on Vercel. It is really a great platform for deployments and comes with a great number of option. You can find more options here.

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